S. Domingos Archaeological Summer Camp and EROS

EROS Environment Research on Science Consulting is a private entity that provide services in the areas of archeology and environment. EROS promove, in partnership with public entities, universities and research centers, the S. Domingos Archaeological Summer Camp, a project that seeks to valorise and dynamize archaeology in the municipality of Sabrosa through the dissemination of projects related to science, archeology and heritage.

The S. Domingos Archaeological Summer Camp is located in the Douro Wine District, classified by UINESCO as a world heritage site and offers to tourists, students of archeology, interested, curious and lovers of history and archeology the possibility to participate actively in activities linked valorisation and defense of archaeological and cultural heritage.

The S. Domingos Archaeological Summer Camp Project develops activities such as archaeological excavations, archaeological survey, archaeological illustration workshops, photogrammetry worekshops, treatment of archaeological materials courses, recreational activities, archaeological tours, visits to relevant archaeological sites in Portugal, guided tours by archaeologists and researchers, tours through the Douro Wine District and more.

The prices we offer guarantee accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), participation in the activities of S. Domingos Archaeological Summer Camp and 1 t-shit of the program. Our visits are carried out in a VWT2, of 1975, completely restored and prepared for the archaeological campaigns and several guided visits.


Our VWT2, the classic which we use to transport our customers and friends


Archaeological Summer Camp in 2018

We are preparing our calendar for 2018. It will be a grandios year, a year in which our offer in the areas of archeology and valuation of heritage will be magnificent. We do all this by itself and by the passion that our team has for the archeology and the valorization of the cultural and archaeological patrimony.

As always, we strive to offer fantastic, personalized and culturally dynamic programs. We are a motivated team whose passion for archeology has been, is and will always be at its best. We would like to have your comments and above all with your presence in our project and in one of the most fantastic environments on the planet, the Douro Wine District. For more information, please contact us through our email: geral@erosconsulting.pt or Pre Registration form

The summer camp program is organized according to 15 days of work. The first day, the day of the reception, is a day dedicated to arrival and accommodation. The following four days will be fieldwork days, where the participants will be taken to the site where the archaeological works will take place, a description of the work will be done and a short visit will be made to the most beautiful and important places of the Douro wine district. The sixth day, the "open day", is a day where participants can make their own program, it is a day of rest, fun and socializing. The seventh day is the day dedicated to small workshops of archeology, heritage, tourism, science and environment. On this day there will be several workshops with experts in the different areas.
The following five days will be devoted to fieldwork, cabinet work and other outdoor activities. The day after this work week will be an "open day", dedicated to passions and free living. The fourteenth day will be dedicated to a seminar where all participants will be invited to participate with their contributions and experiences. The fifteenth day will be the day of homecoming.

Douro Wine District [UNESCO World Heritage]

Our cultural and archaeological programs blend with the beauty of the Douro River, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. For you we plan archaeological visits, participation in archeological excavations in a playful way, participation in all the archaeological and research process, visits to archaeological sites in the Douro Wine District, places that are little known and only accessible through specialized guides in archeology and heritage.

By 2018 we are preparing a true revolution in cultural and scientific offerings, prepared especially for researchers, archaeologists, students of archeology, tourists and interested parties.

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UNESCO DOURO Wine District

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